Using the Park

How do you use the Park?

Do your children play in the park or perhaps you use the fitness centre or play tennis? Maybe it’s part of your running route or it’s a regular place to exercise your dog? Or might it be your place to go for some fresh air and a bit of peace and quiet.

Let us know what you do when you visit the Baxter Park. You can share your stories, memories and comments below or send us your pics and we’ll add them to the gallery.

If you would like your photos to be uploaded or even have your memories recorded as part of the Big Back Garden collection, just email us at

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  1. Thought you might be interested in seeing how Baxter Park Pavilion could be used: some fabulous work by DJCAD graduate Brooke Crawley

  2. Hello Ruth, the Park is obviously a special place for you and your family, and the Archive would like to record those memories and experiences.
    If you’re interested in being interviewed, just contact me via, and I can explain what it would involve

  3. I walk through the park on my way to the shops or in and out of town. I go there for exercise or to watch the progress of the seasons. It’s also a good place to see visitng birds coming into Dundee in Winter. I remember Sunday walks there with my husband, our children and any guests who had joined us after church for lunch. Now I retern each week with my grandson.

  4. I use the park often especially since lockdown and we have been working from home. I meet friends, go for morning walk or run. I also attend park lives classes in the park. I’ve got to know the regulars.

    1. That all sounds fun – did you get out all through last winter too? (brrr) Everyone’s so friendly there too – always happy to stop for a chat

  5. We like to take our daily walks through the the park. Plenty of spaces for our four legged friends to run around. Nice to meet others out enjoying the fresh air. Great to see it being used by people of all ages.

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